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TWR OF LNDN - In The End

Okay, I was thinking of making this DGDWL's theme song. If it gets approved.
Basically, this song is by Black Veil Brides, and I have all their albums, and I was listening to Set The World On Fire, and this song came on. I fell in love with it again. This is probably their last single before the Ep. :p
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TWR OF LNDN - Centuries

Yeah, i know, I just pitched their first single. But, this song is stuck in my head. And, I didn't wanna forget to pitch it.
So, you know that song, Centuries? By that awesome band named Fall Out Boy? Yeah, I kinda think it would fit for the band.
Note: Chloe Maddison does the "da da da" s in the song.
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TWR OF LNDN Debut Single - Radioactive

I was thinking of making "Radioactive" TWR's debut single. But, seeing as TWR OF LNDN started off as a rock type of band, I'm using a remix someone made.
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Synchronice Dubstep Remix):
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I honestly don't remember what the format for this is so, I'm gonna guess.
Members and what they do:
Andy  - Lead Vocalist
Essence - Drums
Jay - Bass 
Cosmic - Backup Vocalist
Sidney - Keyboardist
Description: TWR OF LNDN is a multi-genre band which started as a rock band in Cincinnati. Andy formed the band, and relocated the band in 2010 to L.A. They decided to change the name TWR OF LNDN considering they arrived later for their flight and the tower of London, is, well, a giant clock. XD
TWR Of LNDN is currently waiting to be signed professionally by Lodeon Studios.
Look A Likes: Black Veil Brides members. :D
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I Know Places - FMA Theme - Chloe Maddison

Haii, everyone! (Aka Heather. XD)
I am thinking of having the FMA theme be I Know Places by Taylor Swift. And, since Chloe Madison is the lookalike of Taylor, I decided she would be the one to release it. :)
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Signing - Chloe Maddison

I would like to sign Chloe Madison to WIKILODEON Studios. And, or her first single, I would like for her to release "I Know Places" as FMA's theme. :)
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