So I'll think of more later to add, but only if you like this. It's about time travelers/students who live in the future, whichever one we go with... I have a movie version in my head, which is much different than this, but since we need shows I wanted to go ahead and pitch one.

There are 3 main characters. I'm just going to give a brief description of each. There is Alexis, Gillian, and Mitchell.

Gillian:Gillian, is the brains of the bunch. She can be considered a social outcast, and is okay with being in the dirt and never cares much about her appearance. (If we go with this plot:She is the one who invented the time machine.)She is an inventor, and a daughter of inventors, who are never home, leaving their huge house and big lab all to herself.

Alexis:Alexis is a fun loving girl. She is a total jock and school spirit gal, and is in nearly every club or team in school, is class President, and knows everyone. Alexis can be bossy or controlling sometimes, but she always tries to fix her messes.

Mitchell:Mitchell is the peacemaker of the group. When Gillian and Alexis butt heads, he is always there to mend everything. He is a bit of a coward, and gets teased at school for being so soft. He is very shy, and is a bit of a pushover. Sometimes, though, he can be brave and daring when the time calls for it.