Ive been meaning to pitch this for a while. :p

"Full Moon Academy" centers around a girl named, "Violette Anne". For 18 years, she has been dealing with a lot, not only did she get teased her whole life, but, her house burned down when she was little. That is kinda the reason she lives in the mask shop her mom owns. But, on one very special day, her mom gives her a letter that says she got accepted into Full Moon Academy: The School For Werewolves. There, she meets 4 special people, Jackie, which is her roommate, which also doesn't attend the Academy considering she is 22, and she uses the room as her shop. Wes, a guy a year older than Violette, which is the quote and quote "handsome jocky" of the Academy. Jake, which is Jackie's boyfriend, and her assistant. And, finally, Noah, the police officer you see in the Prolouge. 

Just as Violette settles down at the Academy, the whole school gets locked down, with the principal yelling, "The Vampires are declaring war! Everybody hide!". The head vampire, which is wearing "The Mask of Tragedy", takes Jake and Jackie, considering they're mixed breeds. Wes and Violette inform the Head Werewolf at Full Moon, and he sends them to find Jake and Jackie with a little help from Noah. 

When they get to Camp Bloodstone, Wes is the only one who can get in. (*Gasp*, I wonder why. XD) Noah and Violette grow puzzled, he IS a werewolf, right? Noah soon realized that Wes is the son of the head vampire. Violette gets mad, had he lied to her all this time? For about 5 minutes, she refuses to go in. But, Noah drags her to where the forcefield is. Noah stares at the locket, which is made from one of the most rare diamonds in the world. Which are also Vampire's greatest weakness. Violette never actually new what the locket was for, but, when her mom put it on her the day their house burned down, she said it was to protect her. Noah cuts the forcefield with the locket. 

Violette, Noah, and Wes go in, where they find Jake and Jackie tied up in chairs with duct tape over their mouths. Violette unties Jackie, Wes unties Jake. Noah sees the head vampire in the mask of tragedy, and, when the vampire scratches Noah, she takes off the mask and tosses is out the window. Revealing her identity. Violette has seen her before. It was the girl she bumped into outside the mask shop. Violette, now with 4 people by her side, fights her. Violette gets over powered by the dark magic, but the magic from her locketstayed within her. It overpowered Andrea Bloodstone. 

Wes may have had to carry Violette back to the academy, but, it was worth it. They got there safely. And, with the head vampire gone, the rest vanished, literally. Violette eventually wakes up in Wes' arms, and Wes explains what happened and how he is sorry. Violette smiles, and kisses him out of happiness. 

The movie ends with an epilogue. Saying what happened after that. 

What do you think? :p