Full Moon Academy centers around Violette Anne, who attends an academy for werewolves. When she arrives, its not just all fun and games. The vampires declared war on the werewolves just as Violette settles down at the academy. When the head vampire takes Jake and Jackie, two of Violette's new friends, it is up to Wes, Noah, And Violette to save Jake and Jackie from the vampires. 


Noah: Noah is the police officer you see in the Prolouge. After the fire at the Anne house and 20 years of police work, Noah decides to take a job at Full Moon Academy to show she isn't a total waste of space in the werewolf community. Noah plays a bigger part in the movie in later parts of the movie and meets Violette after a couple of days of attending FMA.

Violette: Violette is the main character in FMA. You first meet Violette in the Prolouge as a baby, and for 18 years, lived in a mask shop with her mom. But, on one very special day, she gets a letter telling her that she got in. She is smart, nice, and when it comes to love, she is a master.

Jackie: Jackie is another main character in FMA. You first meet her when she is yelling at her boyfriend for not getting the fabrics she needed over the phone. Jackie is Violettes roommate, and is a senior alongside Jake, her boyfriend. She is a mixed breed.


Andrea: Andrea is a villian in FMA. You meet her when she bumps into Violette in the mask shop. She is selfish, evil, and ageless. She looks about 20, but is actually over 1,000. She is head vampire at Camp Bloodstone and is the mother of Wes.