Skylar Peerson: Skylar was Britney's boyfriend. He is considered a nerd at school, and after he is seen to be considered a pontentional suspect alongside his friends, people are frightened by him. In the season finale of DGDWL, he is sentanced to full life in prison, but is bailed out by who can be Queen Allgood.

Tyler Patterson: Tyler was Britney's friend. He is considered a jock at school and thinks just because of that label people gave him, he could get away with anything... Like Britney's murder. But, after he meets up with Queen, he gets killed.

Kingston Albright: Kingston was Britney's brother. He wasn't considered much at school, and cared a lot about his sister. In the show, he is shown to be the most innocent. After he gets stuck in a burning cabin, he can't take it anymore and runs away. He hasn't been see since mid season 1.

James Abernathy: James wasn't much to Britney. The only times Britney actually asked him for anything was for him to help *cough*do*cough* her with her schoolwork, or for him to buy her expensive stuff. James is seen to be a minor character in the beginning of the show, but in mid season, he betrays his friends to be with Queen. Not only romantically, but in the way of power.