(Sorry, I just wanted to get this over with)

The episode starts off with letters, saying: "Prologue", then they vanish from the screen, showing the inside of Chicago P.D, where all the operators take the calls. All you can hear is beeping and clicking. But, there's a ring in Caroyl's station. Caroyl then takes the call,

"911, what's your emerg-" she was cut off by the caller. "Yeah? Hello? Yeah, I'm here to report a missing person." the guy didn't sound very calm, in fact, he was sniffling. Still keeping the sound in sync, the screen changes to the person calling. It's a man, a high schooler. He looked tiresome, with dark circles around his eyes, along with tears. He had sweat all over his head, and was even struggling to hold the phone. He had realized that the operator hadn't answered, so he continued on. "She's my sister, she hasn't been seen since last night. I assumeed she was getting some stuff from the store, but, she never came home."

"Did you say, last night? Well, honey, she may have been spent the night at a friend's! What's her name." Caroyl asked. He sniffled, "Her name is Britney Albright. My sister. She's tall, wears tiger print glass-"

"You don't have to say a thing more. I just pulled her page up." Caroyl told her. "You're Kingston, her brother. She's pretty, but I'm afraid the P.D may have to start the search in 24 hours, maybe 48."

"Now, tell me, is there any pending search right now? Any case?"

"No, not exactly. You're right, we'll get right on it. I hope we do find her." That's when the screen goes back the the P.D, zooming in a piece of scrap paper with Britney's information. Caroyl then sighs, "I better give this to Andrea" but when she turns around, Andrea is already there.

I'll co tinue the rest later!