Bethany Grace

Biographical Info
Full Name Bethany Rosetta Grace
Age 18
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 26, 1996
Hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Professional Info
Alias Bethany Grace
Manager JoseyThePanda
Years Active 2005-Present
Fan Group Bethanators
Wikilodeon Info
Wikilodeon Shows TBA
Wikilodeon Movies TBA
Personal Info
Relationships Unknown.
Siblings Unknown.
Preferred Genre None.
Preferred Filmograohy None.
Bethany Rosetta Grace is an American actress.

Early LifeEdit

Bethany wasn't always the famous actress you know today. She was called Loser Beth because, you guessed it, she was a loser. When she was 10, her aunt offered her a part in one of her movies. Bethany accepted, she only did that so people would stop teasing her. But, it turned out she enjoyed acting. And, soon enough, many