We asked TWR OF LNDN for interview. They agreed to give us one. Here it is!

Oh my! We are so happy to have you here!
Andy: It is our pleasure.

Yeah, we have never had an interview! Mostly because nobody ever wanted to give us an interview.

*laughs* I wanna ask you some questions. Do you mind?
Essence: We don't mind a bit if you're the one asking us the questions. *chuckles*
I see you're flirty. I can see why they call you Essence. Anyway, Question 1! Why did you guys name yourselves Tower of London? Or, T-W-R O-F L-N-D-N?
Andy: *looks at everybody* Funny story. We-
Jay: Well, On the day we were relocating the band to L.A, someone!-*glares at Andy* woke us up late for our flight. We all got mad at him, but he decided to make the best out of things and name ourselves "Tower of London" in the way you spelt it. 
So, what was your original name?
Jay: *looks up, nervously* Um, Andy?
Andy: She asked you! You tell them.

Fine. We were named "The Deliciousness of All Bands". Of course, I didn't pick it. Cosmic did.

Wow...very creative..?...! Question 2, when was your band created?
Andy: That's easy. March 28th!
Cosmic: No, that was when we were in high school. It was November 12.
Essence: Both of you are wrong! It's March 17..? Duh!
Sydney: I have not said anything! All y'all's is wrong! It was December 25th when we officially created the band. Kay?
Jay: Yeah, he's right. *scratches head*
Hehe, okay. Question 3! Are you planning an EP or maybe even an album?
Andy: Yes. We are. Our Ep, we were thinking of naming it "Black Veiled".
Awesome! I recently heard Centuries, how'd you get in touch with Lady Maddison?
Essence: Sydney used to date her.
Sydney: Yup. I did, in high school. And, I happened to still have her phone number. So, I called her up, and she agreed to b in our song! 
That is all! Anyway, can I ask you one more question?
-In Unison- Of course!
*Pulls up photo on phone* What color is this dress?
Andy: Bye! *leaves*